Journalists uncover Obama lies

Brit Hume Refutes Obama’s Claim that His Policies Turned Around an Economy in Free-fall

Brian Freedom’s Lighthouse 10/2/2012

Here is video of Fox News’ Brit Hume last night refuting Barack Obama’s repeated contention that the U.S. Economy was in freefall when he took office. Hume actually points out that the worst was over before Obama […]

It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sees the Cows Coming Home Singing 'It’s Over'

Luis Gonzalez Babalú Blog 9/30/2012

If you pay attention to the mainstream media, this race is over, and we may as well just forego the expense of actually having an election.

Barack wins, nothing to see here…everybody just go back to “Dancing With the Stars”, thanks for the giggles Mitt.

Not quite, sayeth University of […]

Romney in Ohio

ROMNEY RALLY IN TOLEDO: Huge Crowd Stands in Line in the Rain!

R.S. McCain The Other McCain 9/26/2012

TOLEDO, Ohio–OK, if you believe the polls, Mitt Romney’s 10 points behind in Ohio. But then there are those people — THOUSANDS of people — who stood in line in the rain to get in to see […]

Chinese Cities Coming to America

A Chinese Group Plans To Construct A 200 Acre “China City” In Michigan

Right Side News 10 May 2012

A Chinese group known as “Sino-Michigan Properties LLC” has bought up 200 acres of land near the town of Milan, Michigan. Their plan is to construct a “China City” with artificial lakes, a Chinese cultural center […]

Union organizer suspected of shooting non-union Ohio employer

Matthew Boyle The Daily Caller 8/17/2011

King Electrical Services owner John King was shot by a person who appears to be from one of the many unions who have targeted his workers, Toledo News Channel 11 WTOL reports. King is the largest non-union electrical contractor company in the area of southeastern Michigan near the Ohio […]