Andrew Breitbart, Congressman King vindicated! NYT confirms massive fraud at USDA in ‘Pigford’



Joel B. Pollak Big Government 26 Apr 2013

The New York Times reported Friday that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has likely enabled massive fraud in the Pigford series of legal settlements, in which black, Hispanic, female and Native American farmers have claimed to be victims of past discrimination.

The […]

A Constitutional Argument Against the So-Called ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ *

How awful is a new GMO law amendment you’ve probably heard about?

Baylen Linnekin Reason Magazine 4/6/2013

How awful is a new GMO law amendment you’ve probably heard derided as the Monsanto Protection Act?

To answer that question, I’ve turned to page 199 of my dog-eared 2001 copy of Examples & Explanations: Administrative Law by […]

Your tax dollars at work: ‘The Pilgrims were illegal aliens’

Internal video exposes USDA staffers chanting ‘The Pilgrims were illegal aliens’ during taxpayer-funded cultural sensitivity training

Billy Hallowell The Blaze 2/15/2013

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is coming under fire for hosting a “compulsory”* ”Cultural Sensitivity Training” program that required some intriguing participation of those in attendance. In addition to being implored […]

Obama USDA Radio Ad Urging Women, Hispanics To Claim Their $1.33 Billion In ‘Discrimination’ Payouts Breitbart TV 14 Feb 2013

The Department of Agriculture Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is featured in a radio ad urging Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers who believe USDA discriminated against them to file claims for a piece of $1.33 billion in cash awards and tax relief payments and up to $160 million […]

Holder, Vilsack Release Statements on Pigford II Court Settlement

Publius Big Government 10/28/2011

From the Department of Justice:

Attorney General Eric Holder and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack released the following statements on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia approval of the historic Pigford II settlement:

“This settlement allows the Department of Agriculture and African-American farmers to focus on the future, and […]

Agriculture Secretary: We Must ‘Adjust’ Our Taste to Please the Government

Dave Blount Moonbattery 9/22/2011

When the amply-caboosed unofficial Diet Czar Michelle Obama barked ominously about restaurants’ duty to serve us less and worse-tasting food lest children get too chubby, corporate pansies characteristically scrambled to comply. Did they think that appeasement would keep the heavy fist of government from crashing down on their heads? If so, […]