Obama Closes 50 Percent of the Naval Petroleum Reserve in Alaska

Institute for Energy Research via Canada Free Press 10/24/2012

In 1923, President Warren Harding established the 23 million acre Naval Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A) for the U.S. Navy at a time when it was converting its coal-fired ships to run on petroleum. In 1976, this Indiana-sized area was turned over to the Department of Interior and […]

Sarah was right: New study shows Alaska could be 8th largest oil producer in the world

CAJ note: Nightly Business Report announced tonight that oil prices surged 14% in the past week. Crude oil prices have reached a two and a half year high.

New Study Shows That Offshore Drilling Could Make Alaska the Eighth Largest Oil Producer in the World – Ahead of Libya and Nigeria

Penny Starr CNSNews.com 2/25/2011