Former Treasury Secretary confirms 2013 report that Russia played a role in the 2008 financial crisis

Glenn Beck 3/18/2014

Back in September of 2013, For The Record looked at the possibility that countries hostile to the U.S., like China and Russia, may have artificially driven up the price of oil and intentionally crashed the stocks of some financial institutions, escalating chaos prior to the 2008 economic crisis. Yesterday, a BBC report […]

Maxine Waters’ Ethics Case WILL Proceed

Jeff Dunetz Yid With Lid 6/6/2012

When ethics charges were brought up against California Rep Maxine Waters in 2010 she responded with cries of racism and unfair practices from the committee’s lawyers that violated her rights. The truth was the ONLY thing unfair was that Ms. Waters may have helped her husbands bank receive TARP […]

Mark Levin exposes Warren Buffett cronyism with Obama administration

The Right Scoop 11/15/2011

After you listen to this, you won’t be happy. Mark Levin takes us through two separate cronyism deals between Warren Buffett and his Democrat allies in Congress and the administration. Buffett’s making money off of the taxpayers using his connections and we are getting the shaft. It’s no wonder he’s become […]

Barney Frank’s Ethics Mess

Explosive Treasury Emails Put Barney Frank in the Ethics Hot Seat

Tom Fitton President, Judicial Watch 4/2/2010

When Barney Frank was asked about intervening on behalf of a home state bank for Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) funds, the Massachusetts Democrat admitted he spoke to a “federal regulator” but according to the Wall Street Journal, […]

Paulson Says Russia Urged China to Dump Fannie, Freddie Bonds

By Michael McKee and Alex Nicholson January 29, 2010

Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) — Russia urged China to dump its Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds in 2008 in a bid to force a bailout of the largest U.S. mortgage-finance companies, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said.

Paulson learned of the “disruptive scheme” while attending […]