A ‘dog whistle’ for the left

Americans are starting to hear the lies in Obama’s signals to his base

Andrew P. Napolitano Opinion The Washington Times 5/14/2014

…When it comes to understanding the powers of the federal government, Mr. Geithner is in the Wilson and Roosevelt camp. Those of us who believe in maximum individual liberty are in the Madison camp. […]

What Did Obama Tell Geithner about S&P?

The former Treasury secretary’s famous call came five minutes after a meeting in the Oval Office.

James Freeman The Wall Street Journal 2/25/2014

Last month we wrote about the threatening phone call from then-Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner to the head of the parent company of Standard & Poor’s after S&P downgraded the U.S. […]

Did Geithner Handle S&P the 'Chicago Way'?

Carol Platt Liebau Townhall 1/22/2014

In August 2011, three days after ratings agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded the triple-A credit rating of the United States, Harold McGraw — chairman of McGraw-Hill Financial — says something pretty unpleasant happened to him. From Bloomberg:

In his court statement, McGraw, 65, said Geithner called him on Aug. 8, […]

Goldman-Hillary alliance secure

Bruce Johnson American Thinker 11/2/2013

…It is order viagra without prescription for all to witness the constant parade of ex Goldman Sachs executives to high position in the United States Government. They seem to find lofty positions closely linked to their actual business activities with remarkable regularity. Treasury Secretary, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, New York […]

Actually, Obama 'Manufactured' the Crisis

Joel B. Pollak Breitbart.com Big Government 18 Oct 2013

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…while the House and Senate passed parallel budgets (the Senate for the first time in years), President Obama sent new Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew on a nationwide tour blasting Republicans (back in Washington) that they dare not fail to raise […]

Senior Advisor to Obama: ‘The Law Is Irrelevant.’

Gabriel Malor Ace of Spades HQ 5/19/2013

…There is a fundamental disconnect between the White House’s actions and the White House’s words on the IRS scandal. The White House has repeatedly claimed that the President is “outraged” over the targeting — but there are surprisingly few actual consequences for outraging the leader of the free […]