German Leaders Reiterate Opposition to Euro Bonds as a Way to Ease Crisis

Jack Ewing The New York Times 8/21/2011

FRANKFURT — Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany on Sunday re-emphasized her opposition to issuing bonds backed by all the euro zone countries, a position that will be greeted enthusiastically by many of her fellow citizens but could unsettle investors at the beginning of what could be another difficult […]

Hot new idea: What if Obama just ignores Congress on the debt ceiling?

Allahpundit 6/25/2011

Yeah, why not? That’s perfectly in keeping with Obama’s M.O. when the legislature gets in his way. Can’t get Congress to move on cap and trade? Make the EPA do something. Don’t want to beg Congress to authorize war in Libya? Send in the Air Force and forget about it.

Annoyed that […]

Fed Passes China as Top Owner of U.S. Debt

Terence P. Jeffrey 6/8/2011

In the period since the Federal Reserve announced in November that it intended to buy $600 billion in U.S. government debt by the end of this June, the Fed has surpassed mainland China as the top owner of publicly traded U.S. Treasury securities.

As of the end of March, according […]

Discord At The Fed Has Bernanke Out On A Limb

James Cooper The Fiscal Times via Business Insider 3/29/2011

The voices of dissent within the Federal Reserve are growing louder, fueled by concerns that current monetary policy could boost inflation by keeping interest rates too low for too long in a growing economy.

In recent weeks at least four Fed officials have suggested that policymakers […]

Divesting in America: PIMCO Dumps U.S. Treasury Bonds from Portfolio

15 March 2011

CAJ note: Last week we published the PIMCO information in our post, “It will never be any easier or cheaper to fix this problem than it is right now…”

PJTV Front Page with Allen Barton 3/14/2011

PIMCO [Pacific Investment Management Co.] is the world’s largest bond fund. PIMCO’s Bill Gross recently announced […]