Jonah Goldberg on UCSD’s Hypocritical Script

Calvin Freiburger NewsReal Blog 2010 May 19

Jonah Goldberg has a valuable new LA Times column with more thoughts on David Horowitz’s recent encounter with pro-jihad sentiment at UC San Diego. We all reacted with disgust (though not surprise) at Jumanah Imad Albahri’s words, but how did her school’s administration take it? Goldberg decided […]

Doubt the rise of ‘home grown’ jihad in America? David Horowitz exposes it at UC San Diego

California, here are your tax dollars at work…

Donald Douglas American Power Blog 5/12/2010

It’s chilling, but no surprise whatsoever. I’m around neo-communists at my college who routinely advocate toppling the American system. Haven’t heard anyone call death to Jews, but it’s not a leap. In any case, David Swindle has the report, ““For […]

Critics Blast Transborder Immigrant Tool as ‘Irresponsible’ Use of Technology

Joshua Rhett Miller 3/10/2010

A cell phone application that will help illegal immigrants find water and key landmarks as they cross into the United States is an inappropriate use of taxpayer funds and an irresponsible use of technology, critics say.

The Transborder Immigrant Tool (TBT), the brainchild of three faculty members at the University […]