WaPo: If Tebow were Muslim would he be hated?

Glenn Beck 1/13/2012

The Washington Post asked the question ‘Tim Tebow: would we love him if he were Muslim?’ making the assumption that there is no one out there who is irritated at the Tim Tebow craze. But the article only got more ridiculous from there, positing the theory that if Tebow were Muslim he’d […]

Court accused of covering for Obama in ‘Walpingate’

Judge appears to be stonewalling scandal linked to White House

Drew Zahn WorldNetDaily 5/28/2010

Former Inspector General Gerald Walpin, whose dismissal by President Obama last year has been challenged by congressmen as potentially illegal political retaliation, is now stepping up the battle to get his job back, accusing the judicial system of stalling his case […]

Columbia Examiner: Pelosi, Hoyer Don’t Understand the Feelings of the People

August 10, 2009 Anthony G. Martin Columbia Conservative Examiner

Special Notice To Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer: You and your liberal, ‘progressive’ cohorts have stated your case for government-controlled healthcare over and over again, ad nauseum. You admit that the idea has been proposed for over a century. We are tired of your lies concerning […]