President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources

Kenneth Schortgen, Jr. Finance Examiner 3/17/2012

On March 16th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands upon a prior order issued in 1950 for Disaster Preparedness, and gives the office of the President complete control over all the resources in the United States in times of war or emergency.

The National Defense Resources […]

UN Coverup of ‘Climate Refugees’ Scandal Fails

Alex Newman NewAmerican 18 April 2011

The United Nations was caught attempting to cover up evidence of its wildly inaccurate prediction that there would be some 50 million so-called “climate refugees” by 2010, embarrassing the international body already under fire for its misleading global-warming advocacy.

The UN Environment Program (UNEP) had warned in 2005 that […]