Dems positioning to rig November elections?

“What does universal voter registration mean? It means all state laws will be overridden by a federal mandate. At that point you will have destroyed the integrity of the registration process. This is their stealth bill . . . it is even more sneaky than the healthcare bill.” John Fund, Wall Street Journal […]

Universal Voter Registration: The Death Knell of Free Elections

Posted by Third Street January 5, 2010

For a year now, a dark, often unspoken caveat has been lurking in the backgrounds of our minds when the discussion has turned to the prospect of Republican gains in the 2010 elections. Some have dared speak it aloud: “Yes, the Democrats are going to be swept […]

Why the Dems Aren’t Worried: Universal Voter Registration

by Nancy Matthis American Daughter Media Center Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Democrats have a plan to get reelected despite sinking poll numbers. It is called universal voter registration.

Have you been wondering why they are pushing so many unpopular bills all at once, as though they didn’t care what the voters wanted? Ruining our […]