College students thank IRS for illegally targeting conservative groups

Oliver Darcy Campus Reform 5/29/2013

Students at the University of Colorado – Boulder (UCB) signed an enormous thank you card to the Internal Revenue Service for its apparent harassment of conservative groups during the lead-up to President Obama’s reelection.

In the viral video, posted on YouTube Tuesday, conservative pundit Caleb Bonham asked students to sign […]

Five rape victims discuss gun control with Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Program The Blaze TV 2/26/2013

Viewer discretion is advised.

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Charles Krauthammer and his followers today are wrong

Mark Levin Mark Levin’s Notes Facebook 10/17/2012

Charles Krauthammer and his followers today are wrong. Obama did not win the debate on points or edge out Romney. Based on what?

Obama could not defend his awful record, which Romney repeatedly hammered. In fact, Obama lied about his supposed role in increasing oil and gas production. […]

It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sees the Cows Coming Home Singing 'It’s Over'

Luis Gonzalez Babalú Blog 9/30/2012

If you pay attention to the mainstream media, this race is over, and we may as well just forego the expense of actually having an election.

Barack wins, nothing to see here…everybody just go back to “Dancing With the Stars”, thanks for the giggles Mitt.

Not quite, sayeth University of […]

CBS: Obama Leads in Our D+13 Poll

Mike Flynn Big Government 16 Sep 2012

Anyone following the presidential campaign through the prism of media polls is doing themselves a serious disservice. Virtually every one uses a polling sample that is so heavily-skewed towards Democrats that it distorts the actual state of the campaign. Of course, that is a feature, not a […]

‘Dark Knight’ Suspect Had An NIH Grant Given To ‘Outstanding Neuroscientists’

Erin Fuchs Business Insider 7/22/2012

More information is emerging about James Holmes, the quiet 24-year-old allegedly behind Friday’s deadly shooting rampage at a Colorado screening of the latest Batman movie.

Holmes, a doctoral student at the University of Colorado at Denver, had won a neuroscience training grant from the National Institutes of Health, a university […]