Americans should just say no to GPS tracking of their cars and trucks

Tammy Bruce The Washington Times 12/29/2014

Watch out — as the new year approaches the powers-that-be always unleash a new hoard of laws, rules and regulations. Already, we’re seeing another Orwellian idea re-emerge from its musty cave: The notion that drivers should pay an additional tax (they’ll call it a fee) based on how many […]

The Idea That Won’t Die: How Taxing Cars by the Mile is Back on the Agenda Again

Pete Kasperowicz The Blaze 6/13/2014

…CBO imagines collecting the tax by fitting each car with a device that tracks how far the car has gone. That data could be read electronically whenever someone uses a toll or stops at a service station for gas.

While CBO admits there are some privacy issues involved, it suggested […]

What the Osama-Kill Story is Cloaking for the MSM and the Administration

drillanwr Babalu Blog 5/5/2011

Jennifer Rubin at the WaPo has a very good piece where she points out the fallacies behind the incessant push regarding the rich paying their “fair share” in taxes. Citing a Wall Street Journal study and the CBO report we find not only will taxing the rich to death NOT solve […]