Glenn Beck to Values Voter Summit: ‘You Are Looking at a One-Party System’

Fred Lucas The Blaze 10/12/2013

Glenn Beck praised GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, but denounced the Republican Party leadership at the Values Voter Summit Saturday in Washington, D.C.

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Beck even said the party could be going the way of the Whigs by not standing for principle.

“You are looking at […]

Should your President be a late night entertainer?

rnc YouTube 4/25/2012


CAJ note: If you don’t vote in November you will have cast a ballot for Obama’s increased “flexibility,” in our opinion. Anyone who doesn’t exercise the privilege of voting shouldn’t expect anyone to listen to their complaints for the next 4 years.

Update: Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere has […]

Happy 101st Birthday President Reagan

In case you managed to miss this video that has been making the rounds on blogs and social media today. ~CAJ

“Always remember that you are Americans, and it is your birthright to dream great dreams in this sweet and blessed land, truly the greatest, freest, strongest nation on Earth.” ~Ronald Reagan

Americans […]

The election is not just about jobs, it’s about the vision thing

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 1/6/2012

There is a new jobs report out, with the usual caveats that the work force is shrinking, but the nominal unemployment rate is down to 8.5%. That’s the number which counts politically.

The rate would be 10.9% if the same number of people were in the workforce as when […]

Gov. Nikki Haley’s inaugural address

“Once we concede that public spending and taxation are [more] than a necessary evil, we have lost sight of the core values of freedom.”

~Margaret Thatcher

12 January 2011 Charleston, SC

Full text version of Haley’s Inaugural Address here.

H/T RedState

See also Haley takes oath as SC’s first […]

Tom Friedman: Tea Party is Wrong – Americans Want Higher Taxes and More Spending

Noel Sheppard NewsBusters 11/28/2010

There are times when one has to think the Manhattan building that is the home of the New York Times doesn’t have any windows, doesn’t have any television sets, and doesn’t have any doors that allow employees to venture out and actually see what’s happening in America beyond the walls of […]