The movie ‘Selma’ has a glaring flaw

Joseph A. Califano Jr. Opinions The Washington Post 12/26/2014

Joseph A. Califano Jr. was President Lyndon Johnson’s top assistant for domestic affairs from 1965 to 1969.


What’s wrong with Hollywood?

The makers of the new movie “Selma” apparently just couldn’t resist taking dramatic, trumped-up license with a true story that didn’t need any […]

Appeals Court Reinstates Texas Voter ID Law

Jim Vertuno Associated Press via ABC News 10/14/2014

A federal appeals court on Tuesday reinstated Texas’ tough voter ID law for the November election, which the U.S. Justice Department had condemned as the state’s latest means of suppressing minority voter turnout.

The ruling by the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily blocks last […]

Breaking: Federal Court Smacks Down Eric Holder’s Attack on NC Voter ID

J. Christian Adams PJ Tatler PJ Media 8/8/2014

The left trumpeted a voter ID decision in Wisconsin as if it were the end of the issue. Let’s see what they do with this one. A federal court today smacked down the Holder Justice Department and refused to enjoin (block) North Carolina’s voter ID law, curtailment […]

Holder Tries to Re-grab Texas, Announces Nationwide Attack on Election Integrity

J. Christian Adams PJ Tatler PJ Media 7/25/2013

Two important developments this morning. First: Attorney General Eric Holder will announce that the Justice Department will initiate broad nationwide attacks on election integrity measures like Voter ID using the remaining portions of the Voting Rights Act. Last month, the Supreme Court struck down the 1965 triggers […]

Section 4 of Voting Rights Act Found Unconstitutional

JD Patterico’s Pontifications 6/25/2013

Here is the ruling.

This proves how racist Republicans are, because they don’t want to impose 50 year old standards on States, and some counties, based on actions that took place 50 years ago. Gasp! Heaven forbid current standards should address current problems, and apply to States equally. The Dems were […]

FLASHBACK – Labor Nominee Perez: ‘People Are Still Having Issues With Who Won The Civil War’ Breitbart TV 20 Mar 2013

Thomas Perez spoke to the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy on December 18, 2009 on challenging the Voting Rights act of 1964. Perez said:

“The more things change, the more they stay the same. People are still having issues with who won the Civil War. Crosses continue […]