British Agents Have Seen Your Penis

Scott Shackford Reason Magazine 2/27/2014

If you’ve used webcam chats via Yahoo, there’s a chance that Great Britain’s surveillance agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), has collected still images of you in bulk, including images of your junk you might have flashed at some lucky person on the other end.

The latest documents leaked by Edward […]

Truckers Roaring Into D.C. Now

Big rigs invading nation’s capitol to protest assault on Constitution

WorldNetDaily 10/11/2013

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Dozens of big rig drivers and long-haul truckers took to the highways around Washington, D.C., Friday in a protest of the extra-constitutional activities of Congress and the president, as a weekend of planned political statements launched.

CBS reported that at […]

How Hurricane Sandy Could Seriously Disrupt the Election

Brenday Loy Weather Nerd PJ Media 10/25/2012

…Additional chaos and “irregularities” on Election Day due to lost “prep” time.

I spoke this morning with my father, a retired elections bureaucrat in Connecticut, and he made the excellent point that the week before the election is very busy for folks like him in his old job, […]