Despite promises to the contrary, Democrats quietly take corporate money for Charlotte convention

Neil Munro The Daily Caller 5/13/2012

There’s yet another glitch with the Democrats’ trouble-plagued campaign convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Democrats tried to burnish their anti-Wall Street claims by promising in February 2011 that the $37 million convention wouldn’t accept corporate dollars.

But the convention’s host committee has been quietly soliciting corporate money to pay for […]

Fed Acknowledges Error Grading Bank Stress Test

Peter Eavis The New York Times 3/16/2012 The Federal Reserve made an error in its stress test of Citigroup that led it to overstate a key measurement of losses on the bank’s mortgages, the central bank acknowledged on Friday.

The Fed also issued corrections for Bank of America, Ally Financial, MetLife and Wells Fargo. It […]

Mark Levin exposes Warren Buffett cronyism with Obama administration

The Right Scoop 11/15/2011

After you listen to this, you won’t be happy. Mark Levin takes us through two separate cronyism deals between Warren Buffett and his Democrat allies in Congress and the administration. Buffett’s making money off of the taxpayers using his connections and we are getting the shaft. It’s no wonder he’s become […]

Banks turn to demolition of foreclosed properties to ease housing-market pressures

Demolition: Four years into this city’s housing crisis, it has often become cheaper for banks to give away a home and pay to demolish it than continue to hold on. And places across the country are watching. Click on the image to enlarge.

Brady Dennis The Washington Post 10/12/2011

Cleveland — The sight […]

Ready for A Debit Card Tax?

Mike Brownfield The Morning Bell 10/3/2011

Use a debit card? Now it’s really going to cost you. Bank of America announced last week that it will begin charging customers $5 per month for use of their debit cards. But if you’re looking for someone to blame, set your sights on Washington.

Bank of America […]

Sen. Grassley Investigation: SEC Has Destroyed Evidence to Prevent Probe

Uncoverage 8/17/2011

We reported the story yesterday that shameless SEC Chief Mary Schapiro is allowing her agency to be the “useful tool” of retribution of the Chicago-Mafioso-in-Chief, as he seeks to punish S&P for the credit downgrade by alleging “insider trading.”

That predatory witch hunt is a “deflection” of what is REALLY going on: If […]