Tangled web of corruption: Obama, TIDES, and ACORN


From AtlasShrugs2000:

Wade Rathke and Drummond Pike (Tides Foundation) in Peru — check out the picture of Castro and Che in the background, a picture that is somehow more than appropriate. Hopefully, the books will open for Tides and ACORN. (photo tip Laura)

Tides Center Managing Director Carla Dartis recently attended a press briefing on innovative nonprofits at the White House with President Obama! The invitation came on a Sunday afternoon with only 2 days notice for her to attend a meeting with the President to “highlight the extraordinary efforts in communities to solve some of our country’s toughest problems.” The event took place in the White House’s East Room on Tuesday, June 30th at 12:45pm.

Carla handles the money for Tides, which was founded by Drummond Pike, who has ties to Acorn’s Rathke Brothers, who have ties to Teresa Heinz Kerry. The ties that bind involve embezzlement, coverups, unions, and the White House relationships.

ACORN crime covered-up by Drummond Pike
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Entire article is worth reading at AtlasShrugs2000 link, above.

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