Tea party steps in to help riot-racked businesses rebuild in Ferguson — media ignores it

Joe Saunders
BizPac Review

While liberals “leaders” were crowing for the cameras and pretending to pray, St. Louis conservatives were taking some positive steps toward actually helping the Ferguson community torn up by rioting.

The St. Louis Tea Party is organizing a “BUYcott” of businesses along the now-infamous Florissant Avenue where some of the worst looting took place.

It’s an idea that helps the people directly affected by the riots that followed the police shooting death of Michael Brown on Aug. 9, but it could also help change the media-generated image of the tea party nationally.

The national media, naturally, yawned, but the impact is real. And it’s still going on, with another event planned for this weekend…

…this is the St. Louis Tea Party, a branch of a national movement of everyday Americans that the mainstream media generally treats like the Second Coming of the Klan.  It’s a mostly white group working to help the mostly black businesses that were almost destroyed by mostly black rioters – and since that doesn’t fit any mainstream media narrative, most of America will never hear about it…



The complete article, with video, is at BizPac Review.


Update:  The Instigator – How One Saint Louis Man Originated The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Mike Brown Controversy – And Created The “Eye Witness” Testimonials… (video)

…As quick as a jackrabbit, and totally understanding the value of the moment in front of a watching media,  Anthony Shahid knew just what to do with the surrounding crowd:

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”
They killed her son in cold blood;   Damn punk ass fuckin’ cops

Hands up, don’t shoot. Soon turned into violence, looting, rioting and general mayhem. The exact outcome of the ingredients Anthony Shahid put together on that Grassy Knoll on August 9th…

Read the whole thing.


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