Ted Cruz Isn’t The Problem With The Republican Party; He’s The Solution

John Hawkins
The Gateway Pundit

Liberals have the Democrat Party, Establishment Republicans have the GOP, and conservatives have no party that represents them in Washington…

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…People hate the Republican Party right now — and they should. It doesn’t communicate well, it doesn’t do much outreach to groups that don’t vote for us, it doesn’t stand up for the values it supposedly believes in, it betrays its supporters on a regular basis, and although it claims to be the adult party of small government, reduced spending, and law and order, it doesn’t consistently stand up for those principles even in the minority. Liberals never have to question where the Democrats are on abortion, raising taxes, or expanding government; so why should we never know if we can count on the GOP on gun control, illegal immigration, and spending?

The road to recovery for the Republican Party starts with proving that it will fight aggressively for the principles it claims to believe in as opposed to being talking big and never backing it up. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee get that. If more Republicans in D.C. understood that, the GOP wouldn’t have lost the last presidential election because a few million members of its base stayed home.


The complete article is at The Gateway Pundit.



Update:   Ted Cruz responds to a question from “Pundit Pete” after his speech at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, July 27, 2013.



Update 2: Rush Limbaugh: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee New Leaders of the GOP; Have Stopped Obama’s 2nd Term Agenda in its Tracks

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today giving a long-view analysis of what is happening with the Republican Party and the Obama agenda. Rush contends Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are now the new leaders of the GOP, and they have succeeded in actually stopping the 2nd Term Agenda of Barack Obama in its tracks!…



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