Ted Cruz’s First Decision is a Huge Deal

Erick Erickson

One of the biggest tragedies that befalls new members of congress is the propensity to draw from K Street to pick staff, in particular a Chief of Staff.

Many tea party supported candidates came into Washington in a wave of conservative glory in 2010 and promptly chose lobbyists for Chiefs of Staff. On the Senate side, Mitch McConnell’s office was professionally slick in easing new Senators over to K Street for picks. The House was no different. The average tea party backed candidate from 2011 to now has voted over 70% with leadership.

So I have held my breath waiting to see if Ted Cruz would fall into the trap of Washington politics as usual.

His choice? Chip Roy. It signals Senator-Elect Ted Cruz is not going to Washington sell out the conviction he ran on, but actually, as we’ve all known, does believe in federalism, the tenth amendment, and limited government…

…Chip currently works for Governor Rick Perry…

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