Ted Nugent: “We have the perfect president for a nation that doesn’t care.”

Don Surber

Coal entrepreneur Don Blankenship put on a shindig at a reclaimed strip-mine site near Holden, West Virginia, for a Labor day picnic for 100,000 of his closest friends.

Sean Hannity is there, so I suppose he will yak about it on his show tomorrow. Hank Williams Jr. is the main draw. Ted Nugent is the emcee.

Nugent gave ‘em hell and told the crowd to fight back: “We have the perfect president for a nation that doesn’t care.”

He said the National Anthem should be replaced by, “Baaaaaa.”

He said: “If you believe that this country is now dominated by a president and his administration and his gang of czars who clearly hate America who want to regulate us to the point where only the Chinese will get our jobs, only those in Taiwan will get our jobs, only those in Japan will get our jobs; if that’s OK with you, you’re no friend of mine. I’m going to have to tell that Marine that I’m going hunting with with no eyes next week that he did it for nothing.”

Just for the record, this was supposed to be a political rally as well as a day of entertainment.

More Nugent: “Being here today doesn’t mean squat unless tomorrow you start raising hell like you’ve never raised in your life and that every representative, every senator, every congressman — be polite — be ever so kind — but be firm and be resolute and let them know you are going to call next week and see how they’re doing.”

West Virginia Metro News has the story and the audio of Ted Nugent’s speech.

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