Tehran voices: ‘I was out in the streets 30 years ago and today I’m out again’

Residents of the Iranian capital speak out as protests continue six months after the disputed presidential elections

The Guardian [UK]
Friday, 11 December 2009


Student supporters of opposition leader Mousavi hold red roses during protests in central Tehran. Photograph: STR/Reuters

Hoori Ghasemi, 35, lawyer
“In Tehran, even if you have not been beaten by the riot police personally, at least you have a friend or relative who has.”

Mohammadreza Kakavand, 62, retired accountant
“I was out in the streets 30 years ago protesting against the Shah because that regime was brutal and savage and today I’m out again, this time older, again seeking justice and standing against dictatorship. I might not see a free Iran in my lifetime, but I’m proud of the battle of today’s youth against injustice and dictatorship. It would be an honour to be killed in a fight for freedom.”

Bahram Ebrahimian, 30, businessman
“If you are going out today in protest, it means that you are ready to be arrested, it means that you are ready to be tortured or even sentenced to years of prison, but thousands of students are still protesting and I as a normal citizen want to join them despite all the fears.”…

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