Terry Moran on ‘Nightline’: ‘A Kind of Victory for Breitbart’

Donald Douglas
American Power

Too good!

Eric Boehlert is not pleased. See, ABC News, “Breitbart on Breitbart: Polarizing Blogger Speaks: In Exclusive Interview, Andrew Breitbart Describes Where He’s From and What He’s After“: In this year of American voter anger and discontent, Andrew Breitbart has found his moment.

“I get to be me right now,” he said. “That’s the best part of this entire thing. This, to me, is the beginning of the beginning.”

And what is beginning is, he hopes, the age of Breitbart.

He’s everywhere. On Fox News — a lot. Hobnobbing with Republican leaders in New Orleans. Rallying the Tea Party faithful in appearances across the country. Launching the websites Big Government, Big Journalism and Big Hollywood…

…The controversy continues — to Breitbart’s delight. He says he considers it a victory to have panicked the Obama administration and precipitated a public apology from the White House.

If this is Andrew Breitbart’s moment, there are good reasons for it.

Here is the entire ABC News article.

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