‘Testy’ like a fox: What’s behind Rand Paul’s argument with the media?

T. Becket Adams
The Washington Examiner

…This last point — that Paul’s aggressive style with reporters won’t hurt him for the simple reason that voters already dislike media – may be the key to understanding the senator’s combative interview behavior.

Right-leaning voters have long maintained that newsrooms are steeped in anti-conservative bias and that reporters are mostly liberal partisans. Paul’s treatment of journalists Wednesday almost certainly won him points with the conservative base.

For Bloomberg News’ Dave Weigel, the theory that a shrewd Team Paul is working to build support among conservative voters by playing to their longstanding dislike for media isn’t so crazy…

…Distrust for media is apparently shared by more than just right-leaning voters, according to Gallup, meaning Paul likely has little to lose by challenging reporters…



The complete article is at The Washington Examiner.



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Well the mainstream media has found its talking point about Rand Paul and they’re gonna smear him with it for the rest of his campaign. They want us to think he’s a hothead who can’t control his temper.

In an interview with the Guardian today, Rand was told there was “one more question.” After answering it, the reporter tried to ask another, so Rand Paul left. Now there are headlines screaming that he “stormed off” the interview…



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