Texans salute Chris Kyle

You know you’re a Texan when…

Nothing like our nation coming together on bridges and overpasses on I-35 to celebrate a fallen hero. God Bless You, Chris Kyle & every other solider out there risking their lives for our freedom. Taken here in Temple, Texas.


David Barton/WallBuilders posted later:

In honor of Chris Kyle, we thank all our veterans, past & future, for their sacrifice and service. God Bless you all!



Related: Glenn Beck recaps emotional service for Chris Kyle

…“I was in a sea of uniforms yesterday because I was at Chris Kyle’s funeral, which was unbelievable and powerful. I don’t know who I was more impressed with: His wife, who was a rock for her children; the Navy SEALs and all of the other military that would ‑‑ the honor that was in that room was staggering.” …

This Marine, escorting Taya Kyle, realized she needed a tissue and gave her his left glove:

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 11.08.13 PM


Update: DFW Scanner has more great photos of the citizens’ salute along Route I-35

Update 2: via Legal Insurrection



Update 3:  From Sarah Palin via 100 Percent FED Up (where readers can see the full sized image):

From Sarah Palin: “A friend sent this photo of one of the many crowds that gathered in Texas on Monday to pay their respects to Chris Kyle. While too many of our “leaders” were oblivious, these ordinary Americans organized themselves to show respect for a great hero. Patriotic, ordinary Americans like the people in this photo are the heart and hope of this country. The lesson here, as in so many things lately, is don’t wait for or rely on government to do anything for you. You have more sense and discernment than most politicians.”





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