Texas Lt. Governor: We've 'Shut Down and Reduced Illegal Immigration' at the Border

Michael Cantrell
Conservative Tribune

Gov. Rick Perry sent the National Guard to the border to help patrol units, overwhelmed by the large number of individuals filtering across into the United States.

The Lone Star state has also created its own armed border security units, spending millions of dollars a month to put an end to this problem.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst posted a video on Facebook of his interview on Fox News stating that as a result of their efforts, Texas has shut down a heavily trafficked 60-mile portion of the border, dramatically reducing the amount of illegal crossings happening by nearly 50%.

“As a result of our surge with our state police over the past 5 weeks, we have been able to shut down and reduce illegal immigration in this very, very active sector.”…



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Texas Governor Rick Perry has been very outspoken about the current illegal immigration crisis going on at the border. He has rightly pointed out that American citizens are “under siege“, not from the thousands of children the media and politicians seem focused on, but from the thousands of criminals from the cartels and gangs…



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