Thanksgiving Wins: #Ferguson Anarchists Plan To Disrupt Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade In NYC, Epic Fail Ensues

Weasel Zippers

…Anarchists plotted on Wednesday to disrupt the Thanksgiving Day Parade — feeling emboldened after cops allowed them to run free on major roadways like the FDR Drive and the West Side Highway, The Post has learned.

“The police aren’t going to arrest us and they are not going to shoot us,” an organizer who calls himself “Magiq” boasted to a group of two dozen rabble-rousers at a Union Square planning session Wednesday night.

“They’re walking right by us now with their heads down and their tails between their legs,” Magiq, 27, of Brooklyn taunted as scores of cops watched the group from across 14th Street.

The hashtag #StopTheParade was burning up Twitter as agitators planned a fresh wave of chaos following two nights running amok on city streets to protest the Ferguson, Mo., grand-jury decision…

…So what happened?


The entire article, with video, is at Weasel Zippers.


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