‘That’s the Good Thing: as a President, I Can Do Whatever I Want’

Caleb Howe
The Right Scoop

…Aside from the obligatory “what if Bush had said it”, it’s particularly tone deaf for President Obama to make such a remark within earshot of reporters. The President’s ongoing “phone and pen” declarations, his assertions that he will enact his agenda “with or without” congress, make him especially susceptible to ridicule on the point of presidential privilege.

President Obama does indeed seem to think that as President he can do as he wants. Just today he once again delayed the Obamacare employer mandate with his mighty pen. The often repeated defense of Obamacare has been ‘it’s the law.” Apparently it’s only the law inasmuch as the President happens to be “feeling it” that day.

President “I can do whatever I want” has made no secret of his intentions, touting his go-it-alone strategy in the State of the Union and in multiple Weekly Addresses in recent months. Democrats in Congress have literally applauded this posture, and media elites and talking heads can hardly conceal their glee…



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…This should be it for immigration reform. If Obama’s answer to Boehner’s “we don’t trust you” charge is to double down on one of his most egregious executive power grabs, there’s no way Republicans will trust him on border security now. And of course O knows it, which makes me think he’s already decided to compound this illegal action with some sort of unilateral mass amnesty by executive order later this year or next. There’s no going back…

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“The Ones Who Helped Us Will Be Rewarded” -Valerie Jarrett

Much evidence has already mounted regarding proof of Valerie Jarrett’s promise to punish those who opposed them prior to the 2012 Election, but now it is becoming increasingly clear how fundraisers for Barack Obama’s re-election are being richly rewarded at taxpayer expense, courtesy of the Obama Regime…



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