The choice: welfare state or opportunity society

Rep. Paul Ryan
Journal Sentinel [WI]

…The explosive growth of government casts a shadow over economic activity in this country. Job creators are worried about the massive tax increases that will be required if we don’t address this problem now. Although I support the bipartisan compromise to avoid massive across-the-board tax hikes on Jan. 1, we need to permanently put to rest the idea that we can chase ever-higher spending with ever-higher tax rates.

The deficit debate is not merely an exercise in arithmetic; it is also a conversation about the role and purpose of government. Do we wish to accept a cradle-to-grave welfare state, in which more Americans depend on the government than on themselves, or do we want to promote an opportunity society that promotes human flourishing, connecting effort with reward?

The former is where we’re headed if we remain on our unsustainable course. The latter will require a restoration of the foundations for growth: low tax rates, spending restraint, reasonable regulations and sound money. Will we be mature enough to start laying those foundations now, before it’s too late? Recent events leave me hopeful – but it will require committed leadership to seize this opportunity and meet our most pressing challenges.

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Update: At Legal Insurrection Professor Jacobson writes, “My favorite Congressman, Paul Ryan, is really on the ball this Sunday.” Read the rest at Ryan on a Roll.

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