The decline and fall of America under a pinko, flower-child president

“…But really the message, the important one, concerns us here in America. It is that the American people can’t be trusted if the president is honest with them about what he proposes. More bluntly, that the American people are not trusted by their own President. Otherwise the President would tell us the truth about his intentions. And here he is, admitting his distrust of his own people to a leader of a nasty foreign government that seeks to thwart our purposes in the Middle East and elsewhere. President Obama is in cahoots with the Russian regime against the American body politic…”

Obama’s Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament

Peter Ferrara
The American Spectator

Perhaps you do not know that President Obama has asked the Pentagon to develop plans to reduce America’s nuclear arsenal by up to 80 percent. That would ultimately leave America with just about 300 nuclear weapons, down from a high of over 31,000 at the height of the Cold War.

In 2010, President Obama completed negotiations with Russia for a New Start Treaty, which reduces America’s nuclear warheads to 1,550. There were effectively no reductions in Russian weapons in return, because the collapsed Soviet empire was functionally unable to maintain the threatening nuclear arsenal it maintained during the Cold War.

President Obama exhibits a very strange lack of recognition of anything that happened during the Reagan years and the 1990s when Republicans gained control of Congress. You can see that in his failure to recognize any of the Reagan economic policies and their astounding success. He acts and talks as if none of that ever happened, perversely returning to the disastrously failed Keynesian economic policies of the 1970s.

Similarly, in foreign policy, President Obama acts and talks as if he doesn’t know that America under Reagan/Bush won the Cold War without firing a shot, in Margaret Thatcher’s celebrated phrase, and the old Soviet power is no more. When he entered office, there were no arms control treaties in effect because the old Soviet Union that was party to START I no longer existed.

In this context, reopening and completing New START Treaty negotiations with the surviving Russian Federation raises troubling concerns about President Obama’s seemingly eerie state of mind. It is as if, so doggedly pursuing the opposite of everything that Reagan did, he is trying to reopen the Cold War, but this time with the opposite result: America loses.

The old Soviet Union cannot easily be put back together. But more troubling for America is that this is no longer a bipolar world…

…This is a Paul Revere moment. The survival of you, your family and your nation is at stake, far more so than even on that April night in 1775. Exercise your rights of freedom of speech and democratic participation while you still have them, indeed, while you are still alive.

The complete article is at The American Spectator.


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