The difference between a protest and a riot

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Baltimore Mom Catches Her Son Rioting, Beats His A** In Front Of Everyone (video)

There was looting and rioting on the streets of Baltimore Monday that left several police officers injured and caused the governor of Maryland to declare a state of emergency.

One woman, who many assume is his mother, saw one young man joining in with rioters, so she snatched him off the street and slapped him around on national television while yelling “What the fuck is wrong with you?” at him.

Multiple videos, all including strong language, of the incident have surfaced…

CAJ note: This epic, righteous woman is likely to be the only person in the whole of this disaster charged with a crime for “assaulting” this young man.

Baltimore Minister on What Rioters Did to Church Project For Poor Seniors: ‘Hurts My Heart’

Read the whole thing.

Listen to How Baltimore Mayor Is Clarifying Her Controversial Remarks on Protesters Who ‘Wished to Destroy’ (video)

…”It is very unfortunate that members of your industry decided to mischaracterize my words and try to use it as a way to say that we are inciting violence”…


FREDDY GRAY’S ARREST RECORD: Here’s The Rap Sheet Of The Dude They’re Destroying Baltimore Over

…Gray, 25, died after spending seven days in a coma as a result of injuries he suffered while in the custody of city police, the Baltimore Sun reports…



Update: “I love my country and I love my charmed city”–Black veteran stands up against Baltimore rioters. (video)

A Vietnam Vet identifying himself as Robert Valentine is standing up in Baltimore and telling kids to stop rioting and “get their butts” home. He gave a stirring interview on CNN, after which Anderson Cooper called him a “hero.”…



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