The Heritage Foundation just got even better

Ed Feulner Makes the Left Soil Its Collectivist Self

Erick Erickson

Behind the subscriber firewall at the Wall Street Journal, Ed Feulner and Michael Needham just launched a major assault against the left that has many on the left soiling their collectivist selves today.

The sleeping giant that is the Heritage Foundation has woken up. Feulner is the President of the Heritage Foundation and Needham is CEO of Heritage Action for America

…Heritage is today announcing it is creating a 501(c)(4) advocacy group. The reason the left is so fearful and Media Matters and the gang are furiously scribbling their crayons into nubs of wax is because Heritage is so established across the nation.

As Feulner and Needham note:

Heritage Action will have the ability to create this pressure. There are 110 congressional districts in America with over 1,500 Heritage supporters apiece. Two-thirds of congressional districts in this country have over 1,000 Heritage members each. Now they will have an advocacy organization that can press Congress on their behalf.

The closest the left has is unions. But union members are largely forced against their will or coerced to join. With Heritage, all those supporters in each congressional district are there by chioce.

And that makes the Heritage Foundation now a very dangerous beast.

You can find out more about Heritage Action for America by going here.

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