The House is adopting Justin Amash’s new rules and James Madison would be proud

Matt Naham

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) is known for his constitutionalist approach to lawmaking and as being one of the more vibrant members of the House Liberty Caucus.

His latest accomplishment might be one that would make James Madison proud.

New rules introduced by Amash are being adopted by the House that make legislation easier to read and understand. This is being done for the sake of citizens who want to stay informed and congressman who have an obligation to actually read the legislation they vote on.

As MLive’s Andrew Krietz reports, the changes will require “new legislation to contain references pointing to previous laws and statutes if it amends existing law. Additionally, legislation out of committee must include entire sections of previous law being amended.”

“This maintains the wins that we got in the 113th Congress. The more the American public is able to find out what the House is doing, the more likely it is the public will become informed and help make a difference,” Amash spokesman Will Adams told Krietz.

Amash is following the advice of James Madison…



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