The King Strikes Back At The Islamic Caliphate On The First Round Of Attacks After ISIS Burned Jordan’s POW

Walid Shoebat

As promised from our report yesterday, the King has delivered his first gift to Caliph Al-Baghdadi, a parcel of raids against ISIS. Or lets say Raid, the bug killer. That including a tactic to demoralize ISIS’s troops (more on that later)…

…A litany of accusations stems from ISIS leadership accusing Maqdisi of lying. But the problem of allowing lying in Islam is that it creates a conspiratorial mindset and is why the Middle East is plagued with conspiracy theories. To the Jordanian king who learned from his British training as his father King Hussein did: to divide and conquer would ensure the kings longevity.

Long Live The King



King Abdullah II with his troops

King Abdullah II with his troops




The complete article, with video, is at Sensitive readers should be advised there may be disturbing images in the article.


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Leadership:  Jordan is taking the war to the terrorists — not only on land but on the propaganda front, where Islamic State has had the high ground for a while. Jordan’s will to win is injecting new energy into the war on terror.

In less than a week, Jordan has transformed itself from a bit player in the war on terror to a moral beacon of why we fight — because it’s ultimately a struggle of good versus evil, and good must win.

It began with King Abdullah’s fiery vow to make the “earth shake” against terrorists who’d just murdered a 26-year-old Jordanian pilot from a prominent tribal family, as the king’s red and white Bedouin tribal attire reminded Jordan’s mourning citizens…


Obama under fire for denying Jordan’s request for drones

A House Armed Services Committee member disclosed Thursday that the Obama administration turned down a request by Jordan’s King Abdullah II this year to purchase Predator surveillance drones.

That became important this week when Jordan began assuming a leadership position in the fight against Islamic State after its members horrifically burned to death a captured Jordanian pilot, according to The Washington Times.

Following the release of video footage depicting the pilot’s murder, Jordan launched a “vengeance strikes” against the terrorists. The drones would have proved especially beneficial by providing accurate targeting data to Jordan’s military.

Knowing that the drones will continue to be critical during hostilities, Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican, is asking that President Obama release drones to Jordan..


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