‘…the law I passed is here to stay…’

President Spikes The Obamacare Football: “Law I Passed Is Here To Stay”…

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It’s not and he knows it.

MAUMEE, Ohio — President Obama said that repealing his signature health care law is not an option.

“I’ll work with anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our health care system and our health care laws, but the law I passed is here to stay,” Obama said at a campaign event in Ohio.

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision last week upholding the law, Republicans have vowed to renew their efforts to get rid of the law.

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…the reason Levin is exposing David ‘the red’ Axelrod is that he is trying to say that Romney is the most secretive candidate ever and the media is following right along with that narrative. Which is why Levin tells the Romney campaign that they are getting their guts beat out of them right now and that they must fight back …

Update: Not content with winning, Obama aides rewrite court’s ruling

…In defending the law, White House press secretary Jay Carney has moved from merely misrepresenting the law’s effect to mischaracterizing the very Supreme Court decision that upheld it. “[I]t is simply a fallacy to say that this is a broad-based tax. That’s not what the opinion stated that was authored by the chief justice. The [Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act] is constitutional under Congress’s taxing authority, but this is clearly a penalty that affects less than 1 percent of the American population.”

In fact, Roberts repeatedly called the mandate a tax in his decision to uphold it…

Also, Obama silent while spokesman denies mandate is a tax

Jindal: Obamacare ruling paves way for Michelle Obama Tofu Tax mandate

Frustrated Megyn Kelly Calls Out Guest Who Refuses to Address Evidence of Obama’s Flip-Flop on Obamacare ‘Tax’

…“No, no, no, no!” Kelly said, refusing to let Rosenberg dodge the question by turning the conversation into something about former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. “Before you go to Romney, let’s stay on President Obama. We’ll get to Mitt Romney, but answer my question!”

But Rosenberg persisted: “Mitt Romney called it a ‘tax penalty,’ Mitt Romney has called it –”

“Mitt Romney is not the architect of ‘Obamacare,” an increasingly frustrated Kelly interjected. “He wasn’t. He was the architect of ‘Romneycare.’ Let’s stay on point, we’ll get to Romney in a minute. We sticking with Barack Obama.”…

Read the whole thing…watch the video.

Thank you, Megyn Kelly.

Update 2: The Champ campaigning in Ohio. Even in their victories the left seem angry, don’t they?

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