The Libertarians’ Chance to Matter

by Lee Cary
The American Thinker
December 9, 2009

…In this environment, business as usual doesn’t make sense for the Libertarian Party. The most effective path to “challenge the cult of the omnipotent state and defend the rights of the individual” is to align in the presidential election with the major political party that most closely shares Libertarian aims. They can then use that alignment and their strength — albeit limited in numbers and funding — to influence that other party toward Libertarian principles. If you can’t beat them, then align yourself to influence them in your direction.

We know where Democrats stand. The Republicans are in an internal battle to identify their credo. If the GOP continues to move toward a solid conservative stance, it will be simpatico at many touch-points with the Libertarians platform. Libertarians face a choice. They can wait and hope that alignment will just happen, or they can help make it happen.

It’s not only their half-million votes or the several million dollars in donations they have to offer that makes the difference. The most valuable contribution Libertarians can bring the GOP is the premise of their beliefs. The parties will always differ on platform details. But if in the next general election, the fundamental battle of ideas falls between liberals and conservatives, Libertarians would benefit themselves and the nation by giving up their quest for the White House and shifting their support to a conservative candidate…

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