The Muslim Brotherhood and the Fellow Traveling Left at Slate

David Horowitz
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Yesterday morning I gave a speech at CPAC warning of the dangers posed by the infiltration of the conservative movement by the Muslim Brotherhood in the person of Suhail Khan and his sponsor Grover Norquist. Both Khan and Norquist are board members of the American Conservative Union, and both spoke at CPAC. The facts about Norquist and Khan which I discussed in my speech were taken from an elaborate dossier presented to the board of the American Conservative Union and posted on This morning SLATE, which is published by the Washington Post, rose to the defense of Khan. This was reminiscent of the past when liberals defended the Soviet spy Alger Hiss and attacked conservatives like Richard Nixon who were attempting to expose Hiss — a parallel I mentioned in my speech.

Slate’s defense of Khan is typical of the reactions of the soft left — compulsively mislabeled “liberals” throughout the (also mislabeled) “war on terror.” When I organized Islamo-Fascism campus weeks on 100 college campuses two years ago my efforts were savagely attacked by such leading lights of the (also mislabled) democratic left as Joshua Micah Marshall, who produced a satiric video ridiculing my efforts. I am sure the campaign I am about to launch this spring to oppose the “Israel Apartheid” weeks organized by the Muslim Brotherhood through its campus front, the Muslim Students Association, I am sure the liberal chorus will be out there defending the genocidal efforts of the Left as well.

Suhail Khan’s defense against the detailed charges against him, only a few of which I was able to mention in my 15 minute speech, is as disingenuous and lame as it has it has been since the first of these were leveled against him by Frank Gaffney in several years ago.

As in all of Khan’s defenses, he offers no specifics in his statement in Slate and the claims that he does make are false — e.g., I was never a communist, I despised Saul Alinsky when I was on the left and never read his book, and neither Gaffney nor I ever said he he was a member of al-Qaeda. What we said was that in 1995 his father Mahboob Khan held a fund-raiser at the mosque he founded for Ayaman Zawahiri, the number two man in al-Qaeda. Suhail called me to deny that his father was anything more than a member of the mosque and said he couldn’t remember any fund-raiser for Zawahiri. So I emailed Suhail the Washington Post story which said that Mahboob Khan was a founder of the mosque and had held a fund-raiser for Zawahiri at the mosque in 1995 and asked him to respond. I haven’t heard from him since…

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H/T American Power, CPAC and the Muslim Brotherhood. Blogger Prof. Donald Douglas attended CPAC last week and his article at the link is definitely worth reading:

…For the record, Palestine Islamic Jihad is an umbrella group of Muslim organizations committed to the destruction of Israel. And again, duh, it’s no surprise why progressives want to bury the details of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. CPAC basically had its own Green-Red alliance working the wings. Seriously. Here’s the video of Suhail Khan’s bald-face lie at CPAC, “There is no Muslim Brotherhood in America”…

Professor Douglas includes a video of Pam Geller at CPAC: “There are 12,000 people that come to this event that don’t know they’ve been completely sold out by CPAC leadership”

I don’t think Pam was referring to the conservative gays and lesbians in attendance, do you?

Update: Our link to video of Horowitz’s CPAC speech is here.

Update 2: American Power offered this link to Marooned in Marin where readers will find several good videos from CPAC including John Bolton’s speech. We count it, along with Rep. West’s speech, as among the best we’ve seen so far.

Marooned in Marin also did an interview with actor Richard Dreyfuss who attended CPAC to push his new civics education initiative. Though it’s difficult to hear Dreyfuss, the interview is worth your time. There is also an excellent CPAC interview by Roger L. Simon with the actor on PJTV.

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