The NAACP Has ‘No Comment’ on Racist Remarks Leveled at Clarence Thomas

Howard Portnoy
The Greenroom

The NAACP has become increasingly irrelevant in recent years, by refusing, for example, to condemn overtly racist remarks by members of the New Black Panther party.

Now the organization can claim the additional distinction of being hypocritical. It has refused to address racially charged comments leveled at black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by liberal protesters last month.

The Daily Caller reports having sent the NAACP a video in which protesters of the Koch Brothers meeting in Palm Springs hurl vicious racial slurs and threats at Thomas. Among the comments are calls to “string up” the high court justice, to “send him back into the fields,” and to “cut off all his toes and feed them to him one-by-one.”

A request for a reaction by the NAACP was met with silence. The Caller indicates that it received an email from Hilary Shelton, a spokesman, which read:

Last summer, the NAACP passed a resolution calling for a civil political discourse. We continue to call on all Americans to abandon vitriolic language. It serves as a distraction from the real issues our society need to address and distorts the challenges we as Americans have to confront to make our nation greater still.

Beyond that, there was no specific condemnation of the remarks.

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Update:  Instapundit, OF COURSE THEY DON’T: Threats Made Against Black Justice; Liberal Civil Rights Groups Apparently Do Not Care. But it’s useful to point out the hypocrisy yet again. “And by the way, we’re still waiting for the head of the NAACP’s Washington office to keep his word on this pledge that the NAACP would denounce attacks made on black conservatives he made last July.” Video at the link.

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