The nerve of that Scott Brown!

[Imagine the senator-elect demanding to be certified and sworn in so he can begin serving his constituents in Massachusetts, and the people of the United States!? The nerve of Scott Brown trying to buck the entrenched Democrat machine!]

Galvin takes shot at Brown, certifies election
By Laura Crimaldi
The Boston Herald
February 4, 2010

Secretary of State William Galvin this morning called on U.S. Sen.-elect Scott Brown to “respect the rights of the majority” during a Governor Council’s meeting called to certify the results of last month’s special election.

Galvin said he was referring to speculation Brown made a sudden push yesterday to be seated quickly because of an effort to block an up-or-down vote on one of President Obama’s nominees for the National Labor Relations Board.

“I’d like to call on Senator Brown now to respect the rights of the majority,” Galvin said. “I hope that we will be able to see an up or down vote on all the nominations of President Obama and that the rights of the majority that are being respected here will be respected by the United States Senate and Senator Brown.”

Brown initially expected to be seated on Feb. 11. His victory in the Jan. 19 special election was certified by a vote of the Governor’s Council. Gov. Deval Patrick and Galvin signed two certificates affirming his election. One was given to a Brown aide and the other is being delivered to the secretary of the U.S. Senate.

Brown’s swearing in is set for 5 p.m. Today.

Galvin expressed concern about the 41st vote Brown has come to represent. His upset election last month ended the Democrats’ super majority in the Senate.

“I think much of what we’ve seen in this whole discussion is about the 41st vote. Last time I checked the Constitution, it didn’t say anything about needing 60 votes for every single thing that needs to be done. I think that contributes to gridlock,” Galvin said. “This is about a process where the majority rules. Hopefully he will respect the rights of the majority.”

The article continues at the Boston Herald.

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