The Obama Administration’s Ugly and Embarrassing Public Spat With Gallup

Nice Deb

Is this the sort of story the Lightworker wants breaking on the day of his big DNC speech? I think not. No more than he wants Bob Woodward’s very unhelpful new book, The Price of Politics to be leaked, today, to the media.

Not helpful to the president’s case. Not helpful at all. America does not need for more years of an in-over-his-head whiner; a petulant egomaniac who does not seem to understand the most basic of economic principles and who is a lousy negotiator to boot.

According to internal emails between senior officials at Gallup, obtained by The Daily Caller,  there’s more than just petulant egomania afoot in the Obama regime. Michael Barone famously predicted  “the coming thugocracy” in Oct 2008, and the Obama administration has proven him right time and time again, as it’s  abused its power whenever necessary.

In the latest exciting episode of “the Obama thugocracy”, a Gallup official describes the not so subtle attempts by David (The Red) Axelrod to intimidate the polling firm when its numbers were not favorable to the president as “ a Godfather situation”.

This is unbelievable stuff that might help explain why so many other polls are consistently skewed in Obama’s favor…

…A flashback to August, 2008: Obama threatened to sue T.V. and radio stations when they ran truthful ads about his relationship with Bill Ayers

…Think what a second term would look like if God forbid, they’re given a second chance with no political restraints…

The complete article is at Nice Deb.

Update: Romney’s sex appeal. Conservative platform is more attractive to many women.

…President Obama’s support among women is in freefall, having dropped 11 points since April. According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, only 46 percent of women have a favorable view of the president while 50 percent are unfavorable. It’s not hard to figure out why. Feminine voters don’t want to be part of a condescending party that sees them as one big stereotypical bloc motivated by fringe social issues.

Republicans, on the other hand, address “women’s issues” as national issues, especially when it pertains to the pocketbook. In poll after poll, for example, women list the lousy economy as their No. 1 concern. If the economic crisis and the Obamacare mess were resolved, men and women alike would be much better off…

Update 2: We Have Ways of Making You Change Your Mind

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