‘The people spoke’

Dave Brat talks to Glenn Beck about his victory over Eric Cantor

Glenn Beck

On Tuesday, Tea Party-backed economics professor Dave Brat defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) in an election that was both historic and surprising. Brat will now face Democratic challenger and fellow professor Jack Trammell in November.

Despite being tremendously outspent in a race that was written off a long time ago by the mainstream media, Brat’s Constitutionally based campaign platform resonated with voters in Virginia’s 7th district who were frustrated with the status quo. On radio this morning, Brat joined Glenn to discuss his victory and what comes next…

…As we watch the Obama Administration continue to act outside of the rule of law on issues ranging from student loans to immigration reform to prisoner exchanges, Glenn asked Brat what can be done to fix the mess that is Washington D.C.

“[Congress] just need to assert [its] representative role and to take back this executive presidency and to take their role back from the judiciary – who is running the country instead of just interpreting the law,” Brat said. “We’re lacking true leadership, and we ran on that and we won on that. So the Republican creed is perfectly fine. We just have to follow that Republican creed, and we would do very well. It emphasizes all those American principles we are talking about.”

Ultimately, Brat’s campaign focused on finding solutions to some of the most important issues plaguing this county, and that is what he will continue to discuss ahead of the November general election.

“I’m running 100% Republican on the creed. The Republican principles are great. We need to follow them. A lot of Republicans do – a lot of young blood in there are following that creed. So it is not about personalities. It is about principles. Always has been.”

You can learn more about Brat’s campaign HERE


Read the entire article at GlennBeck.com There is an audio and video interview with Mr. Brat.


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…While the lawlessness of the Obama Administration and so much of what is happening in Washington is cause for frustration and concern, Cruz remains optimistic.

“Let met give you some encouragement, which is: As bad as it is getting… it is waking people up,” Cruz said. “You look at the results in Virginia last night, Dave Brat was outspent almost 50 to 1, and yet the people woke up and said, ‘We’re tired of business as usual in Washington.’ Look at the Senate election results in Mississippi, where the fourth longest serving member of the senate is suddenly found himself in a runoff.”

With that in mind, Cruz believes the this midterm election cycle and 2016 are going to be vitally important.

“The biggest thing we can do is rise up and demand that our elected officials in both parties listen to the people… hold every elected official accountable,” he concluded. “And I think 2014 is going to be a very strong election year, but I think 2016′s going to be even stronger because sometimes things have to get really bad to startle people out of their slumber.”…



Update: The Man Who Beat Eric Cantor Will Now Face A Romance And Vampire Novelist

…Not much is known about Trammell at this time, as his Facebook was set up the day before the election and the Democratic Party is currently handling his media requests. However, we do know that he is an associate professor of sociology, the father of seven, and is busy working on a vampire novel, POLITICO reports. He has also written a romance novel called “Sarah’s Last Secret.”

Like Brat, Trammell is a political newcomer with election experience limited to working on the Clinton and Dukakis campaigns. In an interesting twist, he and Brat also teach at the same college in Virginia…



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