The picture of the illegal immigrant 'children' that Obama really doesn’t want you to see…

Joshua Riddle
Young Conservatives

When talking about the crisis at our border, a lot of people, mostly liberals, but even some on the right, are saying this is a crisis about “children”.  Do these people look like children to you?

I won’t hold my breath for the media formerly known as mainstream to report this.

These are the “children” coming to a city near you…



The article, with the photo, continues at Young Conservatives.



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…2) “Obama was pissed” at Republicans for failing to pass the Senate’s immigrant legalization bill. He “didn’t seem to give a shit,” about the political downside of an “aggressive” end run around the nation’s elected legislature, according to activist Frank Sharry. “It was clear he was going on offense.” What about the constitutional downsides? Illinois Senator Durbin says Obama will merely “borrow the power that is needed to solve the problems of immigration.” I’ll have to check my copy of Article II, but I suppose if you combine the Borrowing Clause with the Pissed Off Clause you can really achieve some expansive executive power…


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