The possibility of treason

James Lewis
American Thinker

…Charles Krauthammer just wrote a column in the Washington Post asking the question, “Who is helping Iran’s hardliners?”

Krauthammer raised that question after Obama effectively accused Republicans of treason – defined as opposing Obama’s “arrangement” with the deceptive mullahs, including two secret side agreements that have never been revealed to the U.S. Senate. Obama is in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution, and nobody dares to say it…

…Public evidence now shows that Obama has actively aided and abetted America’s sworn enemies – the mullahs, the Muslim Brotherhood, and al-Qaeda. We may also be colluding with ISIS, because we are allied with their biggest supporters: Turkey, Qatar, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

No American wants to believe this. But it is true. It has been publicly said by first-rate military and foreign policy experts, including Admiral James (“Ace”) Lyons (USN, ret.) and Clare Lopez (former CIA analyst, and one of the most heroic truth-tellers in this perverted age)…



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RelatedObama to Jewish Leaders: Lay Off the Iran Deal, and I Will Lay Off You

Obama met with Jewish leaders this week in a private meeting in D.C., followed by a curious speech the next day…

…America’s center of gravity is not its position in the Persian Gulf. Rather, it’s our social cohesion. For all of our many flaws, our petty hatreds, our violence against one another: America works because of the fundamental trust Americans have in their neighbors—black and white and brown and yellow, Christian, Jewish and Muslim—throughout the fifty states. Why is the president putting that at risk? For the sake of comity with an anti-American, anti-Semitic obscurantist regime.



Schumer won’t support Obama’s Iran deal

…His announcement came hours after fellow New York Democrat Kirstin Gillibrand said she would be a supporter.

Schumer’s and Gillibrand’s announcements followed Obama’s impassioned, hour-long speech appealing for congressional support.

Five New York congressional Democrats have already denounced the deal: Reps. Steve Israel, Kathleen Rice, Nita Lowey, Grace Meng and Eliot Engel, who disclosed his decision soon after Schumer’s announcement.

New York Republicans Lee Zeldin and Peter King are also opposed, as are most GOPers.



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