The powers behind the throne

by Anthony G. Martin
Columbia Conservative Examiner
September 5, 2009

In yesterday’s column we pointed to Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Senior Adviser, as one of the major players in the policy initiatives of the Obama Administration. It was Jarrett who stated she had followed Communist Van Jones ever since his days in Oakland and during his rise to notoriety, and that she was ‘happy to have been able to capture him for duty in the White House.’

According to her bio, it would seem that Jarrett has been groomed for this moment–serving as the top adviser to a President who so obviously espouses an agenda that is hostile to caucasians, the elderly who are chronically ill, free markets, and the U.S. Constitution.
But in order to get the full impact of the presence of Jarrett on the Obama team, one must take a close look at her team.

Jarrett has surrounded herself with some rather unsavory characters who appear to be more like ‘enforcers’ than ‘advisers.’

Meet Mike Strautmanis, Jarrett’s Chief of Staff.

Strautmanis is one of Barack and Michelle Obama’s closest friends, going all the way back to the beginning in Chicago. He has worked not only for the Obamas but for disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

This article continues at Columbia Conservative Examiner. Martin offers several articles about those who surround the President at this link.

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