The Real Reality Check

Nidra Poller
American Thinker

…The president, whose favorite theme is self-congratulation, said we got it right in Libya and even though it’s heartbreaking to see all those victims in Syria, we have to get it right there. He never even tried to reply about why he didn’t get it right when Iranian citizens revolted in 2009. He tossed that one off with his hallmark “I made it clear…” Boasting about his success in Egypt, the president said he wasn’t going to let Mubarak’s forces run tanks over protestors in Tahrir Square. One wonders why he lets the successors of the rais run over Copts. And the great defender of women’s rights is proud of his contribution to the “liberation” of lands where women are now being wrapped up in niqab and delivered into the hands of morality squads.

Romney made a good point about Obama’s Middle East apology tour that skipped Israel, a telling gesture that was not lost on the collective mind of the region. Needing no help from a moderator cum secretary, Romney quoted the newly elected President Obama’s mea culpa:  “We were dismissive and derisive and, on some occasions dictated to other nations.” In one of his strongest moments, he concluded, we do no dictate to other nations we free them from dictators…

…Whatever dissatisfaction I might feel about not hearing the rock bottom truths on everything from the Arab Spring to Benghazi, to the Cairo speech, and all the way to the impossibility of negotiating Iran out of its genocidal nuclear ambitions, the fact is that Mitt Romney, slammed with a narrow defeat on mainstream scorecards and dismissed as a total flop by the Obama camp, would have been soaked in boiling oil if he had gone any further into the harsh realities left at the door of the debating studio like guns outside the saloon.

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The video of last night’s debate is at C-Span:

President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney met in the last of three debates prior the presidential election. The debate focused on foreign policy including policy toward the Middle East, China and North Africa, as well as military commitments in Afghanistan and Pakistan. CBS’s Bob Schieffer moderated the debate which was presented in a split screen.


Related: New Team Romney Ad: US Navy Equals Strength 

Last night Obama thought he was being really clever with his "horses and bayonets" line. Today, Team Mitt shoves back with a new ad highlighting the importance of naval power to America’s military strength.

I’m not sure where it’s going to air but Virginia, Florida and New Hampshire are big Navy states. Oh and they also happen to be key battle ground states. I hope Obama enjoyed his snark while it lasted…

Watch the video of the ad at the link.

Update: We don’t need no stinking Foreign Policy!

…Foreign observers of Americana from De Tocqueville to Luigi Barzini have all mentioned this. It was among the first things that caught their eye. In brief, the “provincialism” of Americans is world-renown.

And the world (to say nothing of America) is a better place for it…

Update 2: Obama may have won the Boca debate battle but he knows he is losing the election war to Romney, The Daily Mail [UK]

If you had been on an extended vacation for the past four years, you would have been forgiven for watching this debate and thinking you were viewing a President Mitt Romney being challenged by a pretender called Barack Obama.

Chris Wallace concurs: Fox News’ Chris Wallace: You Would Have Thought Romney Was The President


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