The real story behind the story of Connecticut ‘peace officer’ hoax

Anthony Martin
Conservative Examiner

CAJ note: Mr. Martin wrote on his Facebook page: “Corrections and retractions to the earlier story. We can now tell the whole story of the man who created this entire elaborate scheme.”

Earlier reports alleged the open letter was written by “Tyler Jackson,” now “Tyson F. Jackson” of the “Connecticut Peace Officers Association“. At CAJ, we wanted to be sure readers are kept up to date with the accurate version of this important story.


This is where we stand after five days of intrigue and frenzy created by a person claiming to be Tyson F. Jackson, who claimed that a “Connecticut Peace Officers’ Association” had written an open letter containing the signatures of 250 police officers who promised not to enforce Connecticut’s new draconian gun and magazine control laws.

Tyson F. Jackson apparently does not exit. The Examiner, thus, issues a correction and retraction of that part of the original article that treated the fictitious character as a real person.

Further, there is no Connecticut Peace Officers Association. Again, the Examiner issues a correction and retraction of that part of the original article that cited the fictitious association as a real entity.

And then there is therefore no open letter containing 250 names of officers who belong to this bogus organization. No law enforcement group as an organization has released such a letter that bears the official stamp of approval of the organization itself. Thus, the part of the original story that cited the letter as factual is now corrected and retracted by the Examiner.

The rest of the original story contains factual information.

We apologize for the errors that were reported in good faith, believing that the claims were true. Our sincere apologies go to those who trusted the article and passed it along to others. It was never, ever our intention to mislead or to convey false information.

So, who sent this fictitious letter to attorney and gun rights activist David Hardy, and why did they send it?…


The article continues at the Conservative Examiner.



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