The truth about Castro’s Cuba from…LA

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“Gigglecam”, who posted this video to YouTube on 3/29/2010, writes:

“Perez Hilton, Andy Garcia, and Steven Bauer joined hundreds across the country in a symbolic march in solidarity with victims of repression in Cuba. In Los Angeles, the march took place in Echo Park at 2:00pm following the culmination of a 12-hour fast in honor of the late Orlando Tamayo Zapata. Tamayo was an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience who died earlier this month after an 85-day hunger strike protesting the deplorable conditions in Cuban prisons.

“We are walking in silence, dressed in the white—the color of peace and absolute freedom—to show solidarity with the Cuban people, and especially the women in white (Damas de Blanco) suffering the abuses and injustices perpetrated by the repressive Cuban government, not only onto themselves, but also towards their husbands and sons, the imprisoned political dissidents fighting for human rights and democracy in Cuba.

“This march was to support the long-suffering Cuban people…The march was spurred by recent public beatings and violent harassment of Cubas Ladies in White – the mothers, daughters, wives and sisters of prisoners of conscience currently on the island. Their valiant efforts have inspired celebrities and Cuban-American Icons such as Grammy Award-winning singer Gloria Estefan and Academy ward nominated actor Andy Garcia to raise awareness about the deplorable human rights. The event was centered around the slogan: This is not a Cuban issue; it’s a human issue, and calls on the international community to act and condemn the human rights violations

“In 2009, Andy Garcia narrated the documentary The Women in White directed by Cubans in LA is a social-network founded on Facebook in February 2010 that currently boasts over 890 members. The Cubans in LA organizers partner with community organizations to host events that infuse networking opportunities with poignant and Roots of Hope (Raíces de Esperanza), Inc., is a national, non-profit, non-partisan, independent group focused on empowering youth to become the authors of their own futures. The Roots of Hope network currently includes more than 2,900 students and young professionals and maintains an active presence at more than 55 universities.”

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