The tsunami’s last survivor


This wasn’t a rescue mission. After three weeks, they’d long since given up on finding people alive at sea. The coast guard was looking to recover bodies, and even that’s become so hopeless that they may call off the operation after Sunday. But while they were out there scanning the water, something on a floating debris field below them moved. No food, no fresh water — for three weeks. And yet, somehow…

Go look at the first photo at the Daily Mail and let it carry you into the weekend.

Two videos of this amazing. rescue are at

From the comments section:

Sea Dogs

Dogs have long been popular mascots in the United States sea services for their ability to build morale.

In the early days, dogs often served a more practical function by leading patrols onto foreign shores to search for food and warn of any dangers lurking out of eyesight. But mostly, dogs provided welcome relief from the monotony of being at sea for months on end.

canopfor on April 1, 2011 at 10:27 PM

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Watching the videos reminds us of our own firmly held convictions that, even on the worst days, life is worthwhile and people are good.

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