The U.S. is overlooking Iran’s moves in South America

Fariborz Saremi
via World News Tribune

Iran has been working covertly not only in Canada and the United States but has also been fostering strong ties with an anti-U.S. set of countries in South America: Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

The USA has largely failed to take proper note Iran’s well-funded ambitions in these countries. Rather, it has sought to counter Iran’s influence in the Middle East and its attempts to acquire nuclear weapons.

Iran has meanwhile has been forging multiple alliances worldwide. The government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in particular, has employed diplomatic, economic and military strategies to gain a long-term foothold in Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Iran has had a long tradition of influence in South America, though with less emphasis on diplomacy and business than now. Iran has been charged with masterminding two Hizbullah bomb attack in Argentina in 1992 and 1994…

…In the United States, law enforcement authorities estimate active Hizbullah cells in 15 metropolitan centers, from New York to Los Angeles.

All of these efforts would seem to be just the beginning of a campaign to win the hearts and minds of South Americans to the cause of resisting all U.S. influence. The Islamic Republic’s state broadcasting authority has now established joint operations with the Nicaraguan and Bolivian broadcasting authorities in order to spread its message across South America.

Iran tried and failed to get Venezuela onto the UN Security Council, where it could veto sanctions…

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