‘The White House Doesn’t See a Path’ to Passing Immigration; Paul Ryan’s ‘Gone Silent’

Daniel Halper
The Weekly Standard

NBC’s Chuck Todd said this morning that “the White House doesn’t see a path” to passing an immigration bill by the end of this year…

…”Immigration was going to be the one thing they could have pointed to,” said Andrea Mitchell, weighing in. “And I think that conversation with John Boehner and the president, the president doesn’t have a whole well of trust in Boehner saying, you know, hang with me, I can get this done by the end of the summer. Boehner still doesn’t have the support and you heard what Congressman Labrador has been saying, they don’t have a Marco Rubio on the House side who can try to work around this and bring it together.”

Todd interjected, “It was supposed to be Paul Ryan–”

“He’s gone silent,” Mitchell added.



The complete article, with video, is at The Weekly Standard.


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